Richards, Nicolette

Richards, Nicolette

Solution Architect at Synoptek

An accomplished ERP Software professional, Nicolette Richards boasts a robust background in software engineering, having played pivotal roles in over fifteen successful Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 FO implementations, alongside multiple SAP projects. With a track record of excellence, she has demonstrated her prowess in diverse environments, from rapidly expanding non-profit organizations to major public corporations, managing both domestic and global projects spanning the USA to South East Asia.

Her expertise encompasses a wide array of domains including systems integration, Finance, HR, manufacturing, retail, and Supply Chain & Logistics. Furthermore, she is currently expanding her skill set to encompass Microsoft's Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities.

A dedicated team player, Nicolette Richards is characterized by her passion, integrity, and results-driven approach. With her innate intuition and intelligence, she adeptly leverages technology to enhance communication and productivity, while consistently introducing best business practices to drive cost reduction.

Nicolette has 23 years of technical experience working with global conglomerates and in consultancy, with 13 of those years working within the Microsoft AX and Microsoft D365 F&O ecosystems.