Making Microsoft your Copilot for Success V2.0 - Business Cases, Tips, Resources

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Title: Making Microsoft your Copilot for Success V2.0 - Business Cases, Tips, Resources

Session Description:

Since this topic first hit our Summit stage in October 2023, Microsoft's Copilot was released with Bing Chat to a much broader audience.  We now have more examples and compelling use-cases that can help your business and your own individual productivity. You remain at the helm of your business, but now you have a powerful assistant and ally to pull together the raw resources you need to jump-start communication, solutions, and collaboration. problems. Save time so you can work on the really complicated tasks.

Background:  Copilot works alongside the Microsoft 365 applications you use every day.  You can harness the powers of AI to unleash creativity, unlock productivity, and up-level your teams skill and overall customer reach/response.  More information will be shared about the latest Copilot suite of capabilities/integrations along with examples for how your business can leverage Copilot or AI / Machine Learning to take your Dynamics and Power Platform to the next level with D365 CE, D365 FSC, Teams, etc.



  • Microsoft Copilot

Type: Breakout Session

Primary Product: Microsoft Copilot

Primary Track: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Track: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Learning Objective 1: Introduction to Copilot productivity and considerations for appropriate use

Learning Objective 2: Understand the difference between Copilot and AI / Machine Learning bespoke solutions

Learning Objective 3: Hear about recent use cases and find out how you can learn more to plan your Copilot journey

Session Objective for Attendee: New To



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