Seven Power BI Reports you need for your Dynamics GP users

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Thursday, October 19 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM EST

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Location: W206B

Session Details

Title: Seven Power BI Reports you need for your Dynamics GP users


This session has something for every GP user, including administrators and passive users, and especially those who like saving money and time.  Imagine having easier-to-access reporting that provides you with only the information you need, when and where you need it?  Together we'll evaluate a list of extremely useful FINANCIAL - PURCHASING - SALES - INVENTORY - SYS ADMIN - PAYROLL - BAD DATA - GP SECURITY - and MORE Power BI dashboards using Dynamics GP data and real-life situations that can help everyday GP users and administrators save heaps of time, loads of money and nagging frustration getting access to meaningful or actionable data to do their job well.


Dynamics GP Sub-Track

  • Reporting - Data Access / Finding Data
  • Reporting - Power BI

First Time at Summit Curated Agenda

  • GP - First Timer Curated Agenda


  • Recorded for On-Demand


  • Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP Sub-Track: Reporting - Power BI,Reporting - Data Access / Finding Data

Type: Deep Dive (90 min)

Ability Level: 201 - Intermediate

Learning Objective 1: Review important data sources, connectivity requirements

Learning Objective 2: Explore modern reporting and analytics for Dynamics GP

Learning Objective 3: Understand report design, administration, deployment, collaboration techniques

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