GP’s Future So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades!

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Originally Aired - Wednesday, October 18 3:00 PM - 4:15 PM EDT

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Location: Crown Ballroom

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Title: GP’s Future So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades!

Description: - Complete this quick survey before the on-site session to help us all understand the current state of Dynamics GP customers and their Dynamics GP environments. This is a completely anonymous survey! The consolidated results will be made available to all Community members after Summit 203 and will help guide us at Dynamic Communities with the selection of future Summit NA conference sessions and website offerings. 


During this general session, we examine the current and future state of Dynamics GP. Not only will we demonstrate the power that your Dynamics GP system currently has but also explain how bright the future is for Dynamics GP.

We explain everything we understand about the future of the product and how you and your business could benefit and utilize current Microsoft technologies with your Dynamics GP implementation.


  • Listen to Real Customers talk about how they have been able to use their Dynamics GP in today’s modern world and are committed to the Dynamics GP product.
  • Hear from the top ISV's, Partners and Consultants in the Dynamics GP space about their long-term commitment to Dynamics GP.
  • Hear from ISV's, Partners and Consultants how they use modern Microsoft technologies and AI in their products to enhance the Dynamics GP product.



  • Session Opening
    • Welcome
    • Current State of GP Web Survey Results and Poll Results
  • Current and Future Product License Understanding
    • What was the April 2023 Announcement?
  • Demonstrating Real Customers success with Dynamics GP
    • See how real Dynamics GP customers are having success and working with modern features and needs.
  • ISV's, Partners and Consultants Commitment to Dynamics GP
    • Hear from a group of ISV's, Partners and Consultants, that are committed to keeping Dynamics GP moving forward with the latest technologies and maintaining their commitment to the product.
  • Maximizing & Modernize your GP Investment
    • Hear how you can make your Dynamics GP better, modern, and improve on the investment you have made.
  • Wrap-Up DCI Commitment to GP



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Type: Keynote/General Session



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