Preconference: AI Summit Day

Event Time

Monday, October 16 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM EST

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Event Location

Location: JW Marriott - 3rd Floor - Ballroom

Session Details

Title: Preconference: AI Summit Day



A full-day pre-conference dedicated to helping the community understand where, why, and how AI, specifically generative AI via Copilot from Microsoft, should be applied to drive business results.

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8:00 AM
Intro & Welcome

8:10 AM
Fireside Chat: Understanding AI, the difference between AI/ML & Generative AI (like ChatGPT), Ashvini Sharma, Tom Marsh

8:45 AM
Practitioner Panel: How is AI being used today?, Wayne Sadin, Crystal Ahrens, Kenny Mullican, Toni Witt

9:40 AM
AI Innovation profile(s)

9:45 AM
Coffee Break & Networking

10:00 AM
The Tenets of Responsible AI, Kylie Kiser

10:30 AM
How Vixxo is using AI: Real World Case Study, Jim McCarthy, Lucas Diaz

11:00 AM
Coffee Break & Networking

11:15 AM
How to use Copilot as a Customer Success Engine, Beth Burrell

11:45 AM
How to start building apps with Azure Open AI & ChatGPT, Prashant Bhoyar

12:30 PM - Lunch
Tables that are marked with discussion topics & a moderator/subject matter expert to lead talks

Table 1
AI and Data Management, Michael Simms

Table 2
Getting started with Copilot, Juanita Schoen

Table 3
Copilot & Customer Success, Beth Burrell

Table 4
Copilot + CRM, Chris Cognetta

Table 5
Low Code/No Code + AI, Prashant Bhoyar

2:00 PM
ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot: Step Into the Future Today, Geoff Ables

2:20 PM
Workshop & Ask Us Anything: Copilot in Power Platform, Ashvini Sharma, Tom Marsh

3:30 PM
Coffee Break & Networking

3:40 PM
What's next, a look into the Future of AI with Cloud Wars Founder Bob Evans, Bob Evans, John Siefert

4:00 PM
Innovation Profile(s)

4:15 PM
Top 10 list of takeaways from AI Day

4:30 PM
Wrap-up, Networking & Cocktail Reception


First Time at Summit Curated Agenda

  • Generative AI - First Timer Curated Agenda

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  • Generative AI Curated Agenda

Type: Pre-Conference

Learning Objective 1: Define the role of AI (specifically Generative AI/ChatGPT)

Learning Objective 2: Understand how Microsoft Copilot works with D365 and Power Platform

Learning Objective 3: Outline how users can get more done faster by applying the tools





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