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Looking to empower your AP staff with state of the art AI-driven automation? CoreIntegrator has solutions for any sized company. From invoice data capture, to approval flows, to payments, you can automate your entire procure-to-pay process making it virtually touchless by human hands. Moved to or thinking of moving to PO purchasing? With CoreIntegrator, your purchase requisition, purchase approval, and PO delivery and acceptance can all be automated. And when products or services are delivered, our revolutionary PO matching AI called Smart Match automatically matches POs to invoices at the line level (not just the header information)! It matches every single line on a PO with each line on an invoice in seconds. You will save time and money with CoreIntegrator. And at the same time you will free your AP staff from tedious repetitive tasks so they can spend more time on strategic initiatives like vendor relations and negotiating prices and discounts. Empower your team with AI-driven supercharged AP!

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