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About Revegy

Revegy is a leading Sales Enablement platform tailored for high-performance sales teams. Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics, Revegy stands as a beacon, guiding sales professionals through the intricate landscape of key accounts and opportunities. With our platform, you can truly "see the people," understanding the complex web of decision-makers and influencers, ensuring you're always connected with those who drive the choices. As you delve deeper into accounts, you'll "see the priorities," aligning perfectly with your client's unique objectives and resonating with their goals for shared growth. As teams embark on their sales journey, they can "see the progress" with real-time analytics that doesn't just track numbers but chart a definitive course toward consistent revenue growth. With Revegy, sales teams are equipped to not just observe but to see the way to win. Trusted by renowned companies such as Siemens and Fujitsu, our platform's prowess is evident. Today, 30,000 users worldwide rely on Revegy to manage $30 billion in revenue.


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