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About Centerprism

The answer: ONLY ONE, Centerprism! The question? How many Summit Sponsors can offer the GP user a Full Spectrum solution to solve most of the functionality gaps with GP? Centerprism is the only single source solution provider for GP dedicated to reducing ERP complexities and cost by replacing multiple software solutions cobbled together to accomplish the same business objectives. Centerprism’s modern UI for GP will enrich the user experience while making your team much more productive. Moreover, keeping your GP in place will reduce your business risk and expenses by NOT having to do a DATA MIGRATION associated with a FULL system migration, not to mention, the re-training of your staff to a new software. The Best Part is PrismView™. Centerprism PrismView™ makes Smart List and Excel Exports obsolete! This patented tool provides a real-time spreadsheet view to your SQL database and offers functionality that is NOT available in Excel. Column grouping, auto row calculations, combined data field filtering, and Side-by-Side analysis to name a few. And to plan for the future of GP, Centerprism has a solution to offer before the sunset. . Dedicated only to GP users, Centerprism offers the following seventeen (17) modules which can be deployed together or individually as needed: CRM, E-Commerce, Field Service, Financials, Inventory, Manufacturing, Mobility, Order Entry, Payroll Tax Management, Payroll Automation, Pricing, Purchasing, Rental, Retail POS, Sales, Wireless Warehouse Management. Come visit Centerprism at booth #1551 (at the back wall next to the Concession) to learn more.


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