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About ancora Software, Inc.

ancora Software, Inc. develops, licenses, markets and applies its proprietary Advanced Data Capture and Intelligent Document Classification technology to reduce the labor intensive and costly process of manual identification and manual data entry from various documents within an organization. Our software and solutions allow our customers to automate and digitally transform human and information intensive processes across front and back-office operations. These can dramatically improve customer engagement, greatly reduce operating costs, mitigate compliance risk, and increase competitiveness, growth and profitability. Our solutions provide a rapid return on investment to our customers across many different markets such as Banking & Finance, Insurance, Retail, Transportation, Healthcare, Legal, Manufacturing, Automotive, Government and Education. Though ancora has focused on the accounts payable market for automating Invoice Processing our software is widely applied to processing a myriad of documents within these markets. Some sample advanced capture and intelligent document classification applications are as follows: Invoice Processing, Sales Order Entry, college transcripts processing, Mortgage Loan Application Processing, Auto loan and deal jacket processing, Medical Claims Processing, Opinion Research & Survey Processing, Remote Capture Tax Return Processing, Mailroom automation, Business Process Automation, Document Indexing, and Forms Processing. ancora’s software simplifies the application of sophisticated optical character recognition (OCR), intelligent character recognition (ICR) and Intelligent Document Classification technology for both SMB and enterprise organizations utilizing its patented Document Classification and unassisted and assisted machine learning algorithms. ancora delivers this technology to its customers via a choice of on-premises or cloud-based deployment. Our solutions deliver the following (1) automated intelligent document classification, (2) advanced data capture from pdf or paper invoices, (3) automated extraction and processing of line-item detail or summary data, (4) match invoices with purchase orders and receipts, and (4) route matched invoice data to the users’ payment approvers via an integrated workflow solution. ancora’s software transfers accounts payable information to the customers’ ERP accounting systems and integrates with any Procure to Pay (P2P) or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system that the customer utilizes.


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