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About ERP Connect Consulting

ERP Connect Consulting takes a holistic approach to driving insights, efficiency, and productivity in D365 Business Central. As a trusted partner, we collaborate with Microsoft Dynamics VARs and deliver the Business Central Toolbox, empowering companies to work smarter and save valuable time in their day-to-day operations. Our expertise lies in streamlining operations, enhancing productivity, and driving growth with the Business Central Toolbox. This comprehensive suite includes 28 AppSource Applications designed to optimize various aspects of D365 BC, from finance and accounting to sales, purchasing, supply chain, distribution, CRM, and reporting. What sets us apart is our seamless integration approach. Our tools sit directly within Business Central, eliminating the need for external interfaces and additional integration investments. This not only saves costs but ensures a smooth workflow. Moreover, there are no additional user licensing fees, making it cost-effective for businesses. Our transparent pricing starts at just $600/year, including unlimited companies and users within a single tenant. The Business Central Toolbox provides out-of-the-box functions and tools to enhance Business Central's capabilities. We also offer customization services, tailoring the toolbox to your specific requirements at a rate of $195/hour. Experience the power of ERP Connect Consulting and the Business Central Toolbox to unlock the full potential of D365 Business Central. Streamline operations, optimize efficiency, and drive growth, all within the familiar and efficient environment of D365 BC.

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