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Work 365: Your Subscription Management & Billing Automation Solution at SummitNA Work 365 is a transformative solution for Dynamics users aimed at boosting recurring revenue growth and operational efficiency. This subscription management and billing automation platform is designed to help businesses navigate the complexities of the subscription economy and optimize recurring revenue. Designed by IOTAP: Work 365 is created by IOTAP, a leader in Microsoft Dynamics and business technology solutions. Drawing from a deep understanding of the challenges in the subscription landscape for Microsoft CSP Resellers, IOTAP has crafted Work 365 as a powerful tool to fuel business growth, enhance efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction. Core Pillars: Subscription and Provisioning: Work 365 is a central hub for streamlined subscription lifecycle management. Seamlessly create, provision, and modify subscriptions, enhancing clarity and operational efficiency. Billing Automation: Wave goodbye to error-prone manual billing processes. Work 365 automates intricate billing scenarios, ensuring accurate and timely invoicing while relieving your team of administrative burdens. Self-Service: Empower your customers with Work 365's self-service capabilities. Offer them portals to manage subscriptions, view invoices, and access support resources, enhancing their experience. Payments: Simplify payment processes with Work 365. Manage and track payments efficiently, enhancing transparency and reducing complexity. Enhanced Dynamics Integration: Work 365 seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365, creating a symbiotic relationship that amplifies productivity and collaboration. By harnessing Dynamics' capabilities alongside Work 365, you can align billing with sales and streamline your business operations. Fueling Growth: In the subscription-driven economy, efficient recurring revenue management is paramount. Work 365 empowers businesses not only to navigate but also to thrive within this landscape. Imagine streamlined subscription management, automated billing, and strategic growth opportunities in one platform. Work 365 turns this vision into reality. Meet Us at SummitNA: Catch us at SummitNA, a Microsoft Business Applications conference for Dynamics users. Engage in interactive demos, explore success stories from businesses that embraced growth with Work 365, and connect with experts dedicated to unlocking your business's potential. Your Growth Catalyst: Work 365 isn't just software; it's a strategic ally that guides Dynamics users through the intricacies of the subscription economy with clarity and confidence. For streamlined growth, optimized recurring revenue, and future success, Work 365 is your catalyst. Experience the difference at SummitNA and embark on a journey toward growth and innovation with Work 365.


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