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About Red Maple

In 1997, Jennifer Robertson founded Red Maple™, a software company that specializes in developing turnkey solutions that natively expand the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics™ AX and Dynamics 365 for Operations. What began as a small, locally owned software company is now an internationally known, multi-million-dollar software firm serving more than 500 companies small and large worldwide. Today Red Maple is a multi-million-dollar company that specializes in providing a variety of software solutions to expand the functionality and capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 products with native extensions and additions. Their goal it to help clients save time and increase productivity. Their software is easy to use and secure for companies of all sizes. Their key products and solutions include the following:  Advanced Credit Cards offers peace of mind for businesses handling multiple credit card transactions, enabling them to securely accept and process credit card payments using native integration without hidden costs. This product works well for corporations, retailers, distributors, and software manufacturers.  Advanced Commissions allows companies to pay commission and compensation to anyone, anywhere, anytime with ease and efficiency. It features compensation schedules, commission accruals and commissions contingent on payments and adjustments. This product is a great solution for sales-oriented businesses, global corporations, and software distribution.  Advanced Trade and Pricing allows companies to manage complex trade and billing relationships with ease. They can track contracts with all customers from service contracts to warranties. This product is great for international companies, finance, distributors, and software manufacturers.  Advanced Warranty allows companies to quickly and easily handle and track return merchandise authorizations or RMAs. It helps simplifies wieldy warranties, automates amortizations, and creates contracts with ease during every stage of the sale.  Chargeback Claims is a great complement to the Advanced Warranty product. It allows businesses to handle disputed credit and debit card claims accurately, quickly, and easily. The merchant creates a claim then can investigate it and at the end, deny or accept the claim and if needed credit the account and invoices. This product is great for manufactures and distributors. Red Maple also offers an innovative trademarked software Clever Division helps that helps companies safeguard their customers’ valuable payment information from cybercriminals. Clever Division is the only two-part authentication hosted credit card solution on the market and is the only service on the market that enables merchants to process credit cards without ever exposing a customer’s complete credit card number. This makes it one of the most secure PCI platforms on the market today. It helps companies protect their business and customers from theft, fraud, and data breaches. This product is great for small businesses, retailers and international corporates offering them more sales, less fraud and increased profit. Red Maple has built a reputation as one of the top software companies working with Microsoft. Their clients include small businesses to international retailers, merchants, and global companies. Their notable clients include Stratus Innovations Group, Patagonia, Rodem, Hanna Andersson, and hundreds more.


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