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About deFacto Global

deFacto Global is an award-winning software company that enables organizations to become data-analytics-driven. Microsoft’s most important mid-market and brand name companies use deFacto Power Planning to drive business performance by automating business processes and data analytics-based decision making across their organizations. Leading industry analysts ranked us #1 for Customer Satisfaction, Financial and Operational Performance, Reporting, Ease of Use, and Implementation for each of the past 3 years.  deFacto Power Planning is a high-performance platform that leverages and extends the native capabilities of Microsoft products that organizations use every day. For instance, it adds the ability for users to use Excel and Power BI to write data back to a centralized database, converting each tool into a fully functional User Interface (U/I) for planning and analysis. deFacto Power Planning uses Power Apps for users looking for a simple web-based U/I designed for their specific users. And it uses Teams for collaboration. By using our citizen developer tool, Business Modeler, any user can build solutions that meet their specific needs or just tap into an extensive library of prebuilt components. These components include solutions, reports, templates, and ETL connectors for any data source, including Dynamics ERPs. With the eventual goal to have a fully integrated data-analytics-driven organization, organizations typically start with one solution, then expand from there. Solutions can share the same data or serve completely different users in various business units. Since all solutions run on a single platform, customers always have the choice to network solutions at any time, as makes sense.  


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